About Us

Company Production

Saniyar Industry Supply Co. was founded in 2007 with the aim of supplying Engineering and Commercial Services in the field of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries. This company due to its different approach in supplying equipment has conducted many purchasing projects and supplying multiple goods successfully in various industries, over the past years. Hence it has brought significant reduction cost in assigned projects and finally customers’ satisfaction; in the same way successfully got the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate in quality management system and ISO 10002:2004 in customer satisfaction system.

The company is capable of supplying various types of valves, control valves and accessories, miscellaneous types of temperature and pressure measuring gauges, and other instrumentation from foreign and domestic manufacturers, therefore based on the international experience and communications of the commercial department, this company has also the possibility of supplying other needed items of this industry in a special and customized way.

Over the past years, commercial department of Saniyar Industry Supply Co. as the purchasing process executor along with well qualified technical staff makes every effort to supply goods from the top global manufacturers to contribute the increasing productivity and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

In this regard, Saniyar Industry Supply Co. in accordance with requirements and conditions, has cooperation with supplying companies in Germany, Italy, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia, as a trading partner, besides it has registered and established an independent Iranian Company in Armenia procuring equipment directly since 2015.

Presently, this company is proud of procuring the required equipment for refineries and other related complexes of Oil and Gas, providing technical advises and also conducting several launching and retrofitting projects which has taken a new step in providing services to concerned organizations, and has opened a new chapter for the industrial managers.